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Underfloor Heating


At Reliant plumbing and heating we offer installation and maintenance on underfloor heating systems.

There are different ways to use underfloor heating, whether you have wooden or concrete flooring we will be able to offer a solution.

How does Water Underfloor Heating work?

Warm water is pumped from the heat source to the manifold assembly. If the floor heating requires warm water, the thermostatic valve will open allowing heated water into the manifold.

From the manifold, heated water is pumped around the floor heating pipes, returning to the manifold and then either released back to the boiler/heat source via the boiler return valve for re-heating or blended back into the floor loop via a one way valve.

Description: all rooms reach desired temperatures, the room thermostats will signal to the actuators and pump to shut down, this in turn stops heated water circulating through the floor.

Underfloor Heating in conjunction with existing Radiators

Water floor heating and radiators can work in conjunction with one another, to achieve this you will need to 'T' off from your boiler primaries, so one set of flow and return will go towards your radiators and the other to your water underfloor heating system.

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